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Clausen investigates the structures of these dependencies.

In his earlier works he took screen shots of software user interfaces, altering images and icons or error signs and combining them to virtual collages that were printed on PVC. the red zick-zack line that appears under misspelled text in wording-programs suddenly takes she shape of a stealth bomber.

The original meter, invented by scientist and mathematicians in France in the 19th century, was originally defined as a fraction of the earths meridian through Paris.

I have tried many plugins for my Buddy Press website, and this is by far the most useful for what I’m trying to achieve.

This is a demonstration page showing a Members Locator search form created by GEO my WP plugin.

GEO my WP is an advanced proximity search plugin allows you to geotag any of your post types and to create advanced proximity search form.

The subtle aggressiveness of error designs and icons becomes apparent, symbols and commands which we unquestionably digest and take for granted, commencing their instructions.

Continuing this disperson of hierarchies of systematical authority, uncommented objects and signs, Clausen found interest in the meter measurement.

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The subprofile allowed users a much greater amount of space to store their information.

You say the variable needs to go outside the loop, and you put it outside the loop.

Here is the solution that we discussed on It is based on You can use the 'include' parameter to pass a string of comma separated user IDs You would have two loops on the page, conditionally showing the appropriate loop for each member depending on their gender. I made the change and my directory is still showing all members.

They are derived from the original AOL Member Profiles, which allowed AOL users to list personal details such as age, sex, and location (a/s/l).

Among other popular things, who the users friends are or inspiring quotes. Buddy profiles allow multiple font-faces, font colors, and background colors to be used to create unique profiles.

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