Wpf textblock text binding not updating

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In the previous article, we manually populated a List View control through XAML code, but in WPF, it's all about data binding.

The concept of data binding is explained in detail in another part of this tutorial, but generally speaking it's about separating data from layout.

Databinding can be unidirectional (source - target). To make the databinding properly work, both sides of a binding must provide a change notification that tells the binding when to update the target value. NET properties this is done by raising the If you want to bind two properties of different types together, you need to use a Value Converter.

A Value Converter converts the value from a source type to a target type and back.

By the way try to play with this piece of XAML The above situation is of two Text Block elements those are embedded within a series of borders and canvas elements those represent their hierarchical parents.

The second Text Block will display the name of the given parent at the relative source level.

property that allows you to get and set the password.

WPF is all about templating, so specifying a data template for the List View is very easy.

In this example, we'll do a bunch of custom formatting in each item, just to show you how flexible this makes the WPF List View.

However, it's a plain CLR property rather than a Dependency Property, so it doesn't support being the target of a Data binding.

Ben Westbrook of Microsoft explains in a forum post that it was not exposed as a Dependency Property for security reasons.

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