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Like pretty much any other control in WPF, the Items Control is made for data binding, where we use a template to define how our code-behind classes should be presented to the user.To demonstrate that, I've whipped up an example where we display a TODO list to the user, and to show you just how flexible everything gets once you define your own templates, I've used a Progress Bar control to show you the current completion percentage.View: This should just bind to the View Model and make stuff look pretty.

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Let's try a simple example where we use a Dispatcher Timer to create a digital clock: The XAML part is extremely simple - it's merely a centered label with a large font size, used to display the current time.

The simplest variant is the Items Control, which is pretty much just a markup-based loop - you need to apply all the styling and templating, but in many cases, that's just what you need.

Let's kick off with a very simple example, where we hand-feed the Items Control with a set of items.

I’m still playing with MVVM at work and I got a new occasion to setup a dialog using the MVVM methodology.

I really love the process of creating User Interface using MVVM, the process is so much natural !

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