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The problem is simple: By default WPF compares Selected Item to each item in the Items Source by reference, meaning that unless the Selected Item points to the same item in memory as the Items Source item, it will decide that the item doesn’t exist in the Items Source and so no item gets selected.To create a Combo Box control at design-time, you simply drag and drop a Combo Box control from Toolbox to a Form in Visual Studio.Unfortunately the majority of them are simple path issues with a binding expression.I had a somewhat unique issue from a very simple mistake.But for the life of me, it would not update the SLPerson Id property on the "Data" object it was bound too."Data" is of type Dynamic Object that I'm using as a binding proxy.

If someone can confirm or has more info, please fill me in. Hello Rob, The Combo Box is a selector, so the Selected Index can pick up only properties or objects which are in its Items Source.

Or maybe not – the reason behind this is not entirely clear to me.

I can't seem make binding work on Selected Index ...

In addition to using data binding to control the tabs that appear in a Tab Control, you can use binding to control which tab is currently selected.

Below, we bind the Selected Index of a Tab Control to a property in our class.

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