World accommodating religious movements

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– New religious movements in traditional religious settings.

– New religious movements imported from the East into Christian settings.

It was also submitted to a wider “sub-plenary” group for comment, but the responsibility for the final text rests with the mini-consultation and its chairman. They have a matrilineal society and before colonisation maintained considerable centralisation as embodied in the person of the “crowned chief.” The colonial displacement created the potential for religious movements to develop around a prophetic head. Born in 1889, he was educated at a local Baptist mission, where he acquired a good knowledge of the Old Testament.

The report is released with the prayer and hope that it will stimulate the church and individual members in reaching this large segment of the population. Following his failure in an exam, he broke with the church and to some extent opposed it.

Prefatory Note This report, Christian Witness to New Religious Movements, is one of a series of Lausanne Occasional Papers (LOPs) emerging from the historic Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE) held in Pattaya, Thailand, in June 1980. – Psychological self-realisation movements with religious overtones.

The report was drafted by members of the ” Mini- Consultation on Reaching Mystics and Cultists” under the chairmanship of Mr. – Aberrant Christian groups: – those with Christian elements added to a non-Christian religious base – those with non-Christian elements which have been added to a Christian base – those with deviant doctrinal interpretation which arise within an otherwise Christian context. Portraits of the New Religious Movements: The “seed” and the “soil” With more than 10,000 different new religious movements in Africa, 500 in the U. A., 450 in Germany, 95 in the United Kingdom, and similar numbers in other parts of the world, we are faced with an almost endless variety of movements.

For readers interested in the phenomenon the book is very readable and can open up a new world - a balanced world without prejudice." Journal of Empirical Theology This is one of those "breaking the spell" books on religion in which the intricate social psychology--the underbelly of new religious movements--is laid bare and demystified.

Even most movements that achieve these modest results will become no more than a footnote in the history of religions.

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The very concept of "religion" has proven difficult to define.

Furthermore, with bibliographies at the end of each article, it also provides an excellent starting point for further study." Marburg Journal of Religion "The editor has collected a number of fine writings by leading authors, theorists and researchers in the field of NRMs.

One find understandable and accessible essays by historians, sociologists and psychologists of religion and other scholars well known for their work on the subject and/or famous in their disciplines ...

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