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The data string used in the update is too long, such as putting a string that is more than 255 characters in a field with a data type of “single line of text” Workaround: Compare the data type and validation rules between the two lists to find the mismatch.

Although this list doesn't cover every possible error you may encounter when developing Share Point workflows, it does cover those that you are most likely to face.

I have searched a lot of websites and msdn, tried possibly all solutions given, but none seems to work.

There is no set pattern for the workflows that result in error and restarting the workflow always resolve the issue.

To avoid getting this error in Share Point Online installations, you must modify your code to limit actions in the worker process or appdomain to fewer than 30 seconds.

To modify the timeout period in your on-premises installation, execute the following Windows Power Shell command.

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