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    The often discredited outlet alleges the song’s lyrics tell the story of a person “not being able to come to terms with a breakup.” The site, which actually has some of the lyrics wrong, claims the person in the song is “having a lot of trouble moving on,” and “trying not to think about the man in question.” Next, the webloid opines that “Bad Liar” sounds “sad,” though Gomez appears “happier” Then the site editorializes, “Let’s just hope The Weeknd isn’t too threatened by how deeply she still feels,” before asking its readers, “Do you think The Weeknd is upset about Selena’s new song? Justin Tranter, the co-writer of “Bad Liar,” tweeted, “You got some of the lyrics wrong, and it’s actually about trying to hide magic feelings for someone new, but not being able to.” Whoops.

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    Because everyone and their mother has dated on this show, I refrained from doubling up on any characters (as much as I wanted to at times).

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