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Let's face it - ordering takeout and watching Netflix just isn't going to cut it anymore. Everything you need for a fun and unique date is delivered right to your doorstep every month.

I got an email with a tracking number that was never activated.

It’s said that the Millennials aren’t like other generations – they’re thought to be tech-savvy, extremely self-confident, probably university-educated, excellent multi-taskers, often addicted to an online world but with a clear plan for career development in a real life. Earlier this year, the government of Thailand was forced to close down three popular islands in the coast of Phuket because of the negative impact of tourism.

Just a couple of weeks earlier, they needed to close one…

"Too bad it’s never going to happen, because the seating arrangement didn’t provide for that." Users will be able to create a profile with their picture, personal details and flight number and can indicate whether they are traveling for "business" or "pleasure".

The app will then provide a list of fellow Wingman users on the same flight.

She carelessly cleaned her office desk and excitedly brushed her way to the bustling crowd.

As she pushed your way to that overcrowded subway,…

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We’ll forego the guessing games and get straight to the point: we all want to work less and get more accomplished. That’s often because it’s a lot of fun, so often doesn’t feel like an intense activity that will help build muscle or improve your…

It works by letting you upload a photo of you and your mates, you then tag the squad and choose a search distance – how far you’re willing to travel to meet up with people.

Other groups nearby then see this, and can swipe if they like the look of you, so make sure those eyebrows are on fleek lads.

All you'll have to do is, Tinder-style, swipe left or right through the list of fellow passengers until you find a new paramour. The idea started as a joke but, remember, so did Facebook.

"I’m pretty sure that at some point, anyone who’s flown has had a thought, like, ‘I wonder what it would be like to talk to that person'," Whaley, a copywriter for Buzzfeed, told the Animal New York website last week.

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