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It’s sort of a look inside the behind the scene aspects of rising actresses.If I wanted to find out what Angelina Jolie is doing, I can go to 90,000 different sources and see what it’s like to be Angelina Jolie now that she is big and now that she has all the money and all the adopted kids and all that.

HOWEVER, she does say this about the male sex – she doesn’t want a dude to get butt-hurt if she makes more money than he does and she doesn’t want to grow up and be with a guy who doesn’t grow up at all.So it seems like she understands that some (re: lots of) dudes are misogynistic in the sense that they think they are the ones that dig up the graves and the women have the babies (kudos if you know what that’s from).And she also realizes that some (re: lots of) dudes are a lot slower to mature than the other sex. Hey, that’s about the time when I came out, so it’s totally plausible.I hate to call it a “rising star” piece because that sort of has a pejorative connotation to it that this article doesn’t have.It’s […] CHRIS NEUMER: What I’m doing is this: we’re talking to actresses who are making waves.

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