Who is drama dating on fantasy factory

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Whether he’s being Steelo, the handsome lover of fashion, Dr.Trill, his hilarious alter-ego comparable to a more hood version of Dr.Rob came to me one day and said, “I would love for you to do a show with me,” and I was like, “uh, okay.” I didn’t think Hollywood worked that easy. Not only did I end up helping with the filming, but I helped with the structure of the show.The following is an episode list for the MTV reality television series Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. He creates a video entitled "Gymkhana 2.1" with professional rally driver Ken Block.

Were you always interested in acting and being on TV? I started off ranked in Illinois as like the number one baseball player, so they called me in with the kids ‘cause I was actually good at baseball.Nicknamed Big Cat, he is a member of the Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory team.He suffered a broken neck and was recovering from the injury during the first season of Fantasy Factory. He has an enormous social media presence on Twitter and Instagram with more than 300,000 on the former and 650,000 on the latter. READ MORE Rob Dyrdek's cousin -- the guy behind the "Young & Reckless" clothing label -- rues the day he accidentally ripped off the infamous Hells Angels death logo for his t-shirt line ... READ MORE "Fantasy Factory" star Rob Dyrdek is ,000 closer to building a dream skate park for kids in L. thanks to a HUGE donation from one of his co-stars.

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