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So when Luna Marie was young, I thought, ‘I am not having any of that! I wanted my daughter to be a scrapper and not so dainty.” For a while her plan worked, she was able to shield her daughter from the princess world; but that all changed when she was about three.The actress realized that all of her daughters friends were into princesses and that she didn’t want her daughter to be left out so she allowed one princess dress.Maybe the coolest room I’ve ever been in with the coolest guy I know @hjosment,” Emily shared on Instagram during the event.

From meetings with his managers, to hanging out with his old friends in San Fernando where he grew up, to life with his teenage daughter in his mansion and dating after divorce, Lopez offers a glimpse, albeit a fictionalized one, into his life more than anything else he’s done. “My true personality traits are not what people would expect. Because of the way that Troy Miller shot them, it’s always moving. How realistic is the conversation with your representatives about all the social media demands and all the different accounts you have to maintain now?

They don’t know that much about me, so there’s still a lot I can show.” Lopez, who says he’d love to keep this gig for four or five years, spoke with Vulture about the time he threatened his neighbor to “put a Mexican in the trees,” Snoop Dogg’s slow work process, and why he’s dredging up humiliating moments in his own life. Well, I like TV more than I like doing movies because in the movies there’s so much waiting around. On Saint George, I learned a little about how different it was than multi-camera.

You’ve made a multi-camera sitcom with an audience and then a sitcom hybrid without an audience.

The obsession her daughter developed just grew though when they were confronted with a princess at a birthday party – a real women dressed as a princess. So she decided to turn this new love into something productive.

She bought a book about princesses that taught manners called, Polite as a Princess.

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