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They can include information in original records and certified copies of original records of clinical findings, observations, or other activities captured prior to or during a clinical investigation used for reconstructing and evaluating the investigation.” Saying it differently, e Source data are original subject data that are collected digitally without having to record the data on a piece of paper first, and then transcribe it to an electronic data capture (EDC) system.

There is broad agreement across the pharmaceutical industry that it no longer makes sense to collect clinical trial data by writing results and observations first on a piece of paper, then to transcribe those data into an EDC system, and then to save that paper so that a clinical research associate (CRA) can check how precisely a person transcribed information from a piece of paper into the EDC system.The Guidance on Good Clinical Practices (GCP), developed by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), requires that trial monitors have access to and can review source documents.This guidance, ICH E6, has been adopted by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) under Title 21 and by the European Union (EU) as part of the EU directive on clinical trials.Guidance ICH E6 and the regulatory authorities that have adopted it, refer to source documents (i.e., primary health records, in the sections on investigators, sponsors, trial protocols, and essential documents).According to the E6 guidance, source documents must be kept in good order and investigators must make source documents available to the sponsor and monitors working on behalf of the sponsor.

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