Validating destructive test methods

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Below is a summary of the methods initially evaluated BEFORE he developed the UTComp System. Consideration is given for both direct (cost of inspection) and indirect costs (shut-down, loss of production, outage time, opportunity cost).

Different size pouches can be placed into the testing drawer simultaneously and tested in one test cycle. The test chamber is also designed with a unique flexible bladder that eliminates any stress on the pouch seal during the testing cycle.Veri Pac leak testers offer a practical alternative to destructive testing methods such as water bath and dye testing because it eliminates the waste and cost associated with these methods and offers quantitative data that means something.Destructive testing is a testing technique in which the application is made to fail in an uncontrolled manner to test the robustness of the application and also to find the point of failure.” The question evolved to “how can we predict when FRP is going to fail?” At this time there was no method to do this, and this started Geoff on a quest to find this answer.

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