Updating my mountain bike dating p norsk

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Some brands to look for: Fox, Rock Shox, Marzocchi, DT Swiss, Magura Mountain bike forks with greater travel will naturally feel plusher and will smooth out the trails you ride more effectively.The payoff is, the more travel - the greater the weight.What does have more of an impact is unsprung weight — the parts of your bicycle that are not supported by the fork and rear shock, such as wheels, tires, inner tubes, axles and suspension fork lowers.

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Instead of spending thousands on a new bike, a few hundred on a fork could be a handy solution. Also to consider, if you have a mountain bike with a crappy elastomer sprung fork, you are probably better off spending your money on a whole new bike that is coil or air sprung than bothering upgrading an expensive component like a suspension fork.

I’ve got a 2002 specialized stumpjumper far xc, barely ridden, off a mate who is moving overseas.

I was wondering if I could draw on your experience.

However, wheels are an expensive upgrade, especially if you've just forked out for a new bike, and there are other areas where a smaller outlay will bring you big performance benefits.

Suspension forks and/or rear shocks tend to crop up in upgrade discussions, as budget units tend to be heavy and poorly controlled, but replacing these can be very expensive and a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated. Rider weight is so much higher than bike weight that saving a few grams here and there makes very little difference, and even if you manage to save a few pounds, it's only on the climbs that you'll really notice the change.

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