Updating ipod with itunes

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If you happen to be using a USB dock, skip the USB dock and try connecting the USB cable directly to the computer as well.

The last option is most relevant for torn and frayed cables and for those using the cheapy third party cables that seem to fail.

My location will remain disabled until they bring back the option for only when using the app, and my business continues to go to Lyft.

So you received your new i Pod and you are so excited to use it.

Connect the i Pod or i Phone to your computer and select it in the i Tunes Source pane (in the Devices section).

The i Pod or i Phone summary page appears to the right of the Source pane, and the Version section of the page tells you whether your i Pod or i Phone software is up to date and when i Tunes will check for new software.

Most of the options you show don't show up when I right click. I tried a bunch of stuff that Apple suggested but nothing worked. All it did was erase everything on my i Pod and make it completely useless.

(See the following figure.) You can check for new software at any time by clicking the Check for Update button on the Summary page.

Some i Pod models need to be disconnected from the computer temporarily and connected to a power source to finish the process of updating the software.

The easiest way to find out if the problem is the i Pod or your i Tunes is to look in My Computer. Then click on My Computer on the right hand side as shown to the left. If you can't then again the hard drive/flash drive is bad. Allocation size should automatically be set to default. Once this has been done it should show up in i Tunes as a corrupt i Pod. I'm working with a 5th Gen and my PC is Windows 10. :)Yeah, mine's not showing up in My Computer either.

Once you are in My Computer look to see if your i Pod was recognized by the computer. If it is still not showing up continue on to step 6.7. If you can't select an allocation size then the hard drive/flash drive is bad. Restore the i Pod at this time and this should finally resolve the problem. I've heard they have a ridiculously short lifespan for the money they cost, just a few years before they stop charging etc. :(There's no apple stores in my country yet, they expect you to courier them overseas. Tried this with a 7th generation i Pod Nano that I have been using since November.

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