Updating device drivers with ubuntu

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Ubuntu devs usually do a "feature freeze" a couple of month before the official release.The "feature freeze" is when they decide that the packages they have included on the system are stable and they will be shipped in the final release.Kodibuntu is a combination Kodi/operating system for use on PCs that are mainly just running Kodi.It is an alternative to installing Windows or a larger (and sometimes more complicated) Linux-based OS.The choice to upgrade depends on how you’re using your computer. The first type, LTS is designed for long-term use as a “daily driver.” LTS stands for “Long Term Support” since they receive updates for 5 years.The second type, Standard, is designed for those who like having the latest and greatest.For more information about releases and how long they are supported for, please see the Ubuntu Release Wiki.

Similar thing has happened to me earlier when installed updates.

(Then internet connection didn't die completely, it only lost connection randomly.) Back then I fixed it by following this advice: Run: sudo lspci -v It will show both the name of your NIC and the driver that is being used.

Then, research (usually at the company that made the NIC website) what driver that NIC is supposed to use for Linux.

AMD is now working on their new (and MUCH better) AMDGPU-PRO/Radeon-Pro hybrid driver and decided to stop supporting Catalyst.

Since this Ubuntu version is a Long Term Support release updating Catalyst for 1.18 would have meant another 5 years of forced Catalyst support so I'm actually glad they finally made the jump and let that monstruosity die.

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