Updating a server

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If updating and upgrading: Towards the end of the installation, you will be asked to register your Mascot 2.6 product key to obtain a licence file.

This product key can be found on a sticker on the CD case or may have been sent by email.

You could also patch an OES server using the following methods: Section 8.8, GUI Based Patching, Section 8.9, Using SUSE Manager to Patch an OES Server, Section 8.7, Patching From Behind a Proxy Server, and so on.

After you have registered the server in the Novell Customer Center, you can update the server by using commands at the command line.

Most update rollups require the automated stopping and starting of services during the course of the installation and a server reboot at the conclusion of the installation.

The update rollup that will be installed on all servers running a Full Server Deployment, or each server running the Front End and Back End server roles will be named CRM2011-Server-KB#######-ENU-amd64Since CRM 2011 Server does not support 32-bit platforms, there is no i386 version of this file.

The installation routine itself is a simple wizard with no options to set or configure.

At the conclusion of the update you are prompted to restart the server.

Select and click on your operating system for directions.

It does not cover upgrading the operating system containing the Windows Server Failover Clusting (WSFC) cluster.

Upgrading the Windows operating system hosting the failover cluster is not supported for operating systems before Windows Server 2012 R2.

How to upgrade your license server and client software.

Below are the processes you need to follow to update your RE: Vision Effects license server and client software.

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