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I hear it from my mom, I hear it from my girlfriends, I hear it from my teachers, my counselors, my coaches, and every once in a while I even hear it from a nosy dental assistant who is way too invested in my (lack of) love life. It makes total sense that a meaningful, beautiful relationship could bloom out of honesty, laughter, and late night Netflix binges.

But the problem, as I see it, is that none of these very well-meaning people address what happens when friend-flings don’t go as planned.

Lots of frustration, questioning, uncertainty, and all the other emotions that screw people up, in that situation.

You haven’t mentioned if you told them about how you felt.

It doesn’t sound like much, but actually massage between couples comes with a whole host of benefits for your relationship and your close connection with your spouse. Not to mention, a muscle-melting massage feels absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for a fun, romantic and intimate date night that you can do at home without the need for a babysitter, you'll love the Melt: Massage for Couples program - Click Here to Check Out Melt & Save BIG with Engaged Marriage Special Package!

Once you know how, it’s just one more tool in your relationship arsenal to help you pamper and love your partner on a regular basis.

There were lots of tummy butterflies and winky emojis. Maybe it’ll start up again on its own, or maybe you both just needed a little ego boost.

Yes, when your mind opens up, when your path starts to clear, when you know where you’re going, when you start to get near… Join as at the book launch tomorrow at 7pm at the Indigo Bay & Bloor in Toronto !

well those are the moments we live for and those are the times to go long, yes those are the moments to go for and those are the times to be strong. — Email message — “I’m currently backpacking around the world and finally met up with some friends from home during Songkran in Thailand.

Chances are, you already inherently trust your spouse more than anyone in the world.

Giving your partner a massage will help you weave strong bonds of trust, supercharge your intimacy and even make you fall a little more in love with them, just like you did at the start of your relationship! Here are five incredible ways massage can work to transform your relationship: Trust is a crucial part of any romantic relationship.

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