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My family was there for an early 90th birthday celebration for my mom. Five adults and two kids, sixteen and twelve years old. I told her what I thought and she apologized and offered to give me something else from the menu. That was very thoughtful and part of the good service I expected. It was excellent and I would go back just for the soufflé.

We got I think one of the best tables in the dining room. Apparently you can go sit at the bar and just order a drink or coffee and soufflé if that's all you want.

I did not order wine because I saw the price for wine by the glass and decided it was not worth it. I had two new dresses in my closet and wore one of them to the dinner.

The other servers that helped out always told us what they were giving us. It's fun to dress up once in a while though I wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis. Maybe it just depends on who is the chef on the night you are there. It takes time to prepare the food and they want you to enjoy the view and surroundings.

Our server came back several times during the 3 hours that we were there, to see if we were satisfied with the food. That's fine if you are with someone that you are comfortable with and you can sit together for that amount of time without awkward periods of silence.

It was one of three round tables on the elevated portion of the dining room and faces Lake Union and Gas Works park. I thought I would end the meal with something light. In summary, if you want to experience the view and the ambience and you are willing to pay 5 (more if you order wine) for dinner I recommend Canlis.

It was a lovely sunny day and we got the sitting so it was still light out and the view is incredible. Our server went out of her way to make the kids feel comfortable in a restaurant filled mostly with adults. They gave me a generous portion and I did not eat it all but my brother said this is special so I shouldn't waste it. I was quite disappointed because it was just pieces of doughy pasta. It is the most exclusive restaurant in this city, though I don't know if it's good to be exclusive in a diverse city like Seattle.

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