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The Enfolded Time solves the UNIT dating controversy stating that due to the Doctor's numerous visits to the 1970s and 1980s in his faulty TARDIS, the two decades merged into one making 20 years of history happen in 10 and the obvious mix around of some of this history.

Though replete with additional nuance, the nub of the narrative problem is easy to grasp.

People have high respect to doctors because of the work they perform.

He was left cold after seeing a still image of actors Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews at the Harefield Hospital in Middlesex, where Dr Khan and Diana they first met.Although the coronary artery bypass graft -- more familiarly known as a CABG, or open heart surgery -- may be one of the more common procedures a heart surgeon performs, he also performs other procedures.Heart surgeons spend an extended time in residency and fellowship training compared to other medical specialties, as they complete a five-year general surgical residency before going on to two years in a cardiothoracic surgery residency. They must be board-certified in internal medicine before they can go on for a fellowship in cardiology, which typically lasts another three or more years.Thus, the UNIT dating controversy is, broadly speaking, an attempt to understand how the Brigadier could have retired from UNIT before UNIT even existed.Writer Ben Aaronovitch has notably opined that there is simply no way to retcon the problem.

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