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Abstract: There has been extensive research indicating gender-based differences among STEM subjects, particularly mathematics (Albano and Rodriguez, 2013; Lane, Wang, and Magone 1996).Similarly, gender-based differential item functioning (DIF) has been researched because of the disadvantages females face in STEM subjects when compared with their male counterparts.Dominique Christina, a self-proclaimed womanist and slam poet (who appears in this amazing video) says religion has a lot to answer for where period prejudice is concerned.“There is a culture of shaming around women's bodies particularly as it relates to menses,” she wrote to me in an email.“I sat in Sunday School listening to stories about how corrupt the world was and that the catalyst for evil was a woman.Based on the results of the previous study, it is expected that several items will exhibit DIF that disadvantages females and that mathematics-based self-efficacy will predict the DIF.

Sure, Rapunzel was stolen from her parents and raised in a tower by a witch, but at least she had her books, her art, her astronomy and her pet chameleon Pascal.Did you know that, although we may look very different, pigs and humans have a lot in common?In fact, we’re so similar in size, physiology and even genetics that pigs are helping scientists learn more about how to treat human diseases. The Pork Checkoff has selected 12 college students to represent the #Real Pig Farming Student Social Forces team this year.The first command, hmddata, provides a convenient interface to the Human Mortality Database (HMD, a database widely used for mortality data by demographers, health researchers, and social scientists.Different subcommands of hmddata allow data from this database to be easily loaded, transformed, reshaped, tabulated, and graphed.

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