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The container has a grey background with black and white raindrops.This is apparently an insert for the cooler that ice is kept in to keep food cool, there is also a caution on the lower part of the container that says it has been treated with a rust inhibitor, and says do not store unwrapped food or drinks in it. I am looking for some help I have a Jan-1988 Black "Special Edition" Power House Model 290 Lantern in very good condition. My name is Kennycame across a JC Higgins Sears model 710-740-40 camp stove today. Or their grandkids, when they come and when they reach the age when they can join me on some adventure.

A 400$ stove is sold because it's being used in a boat, period. Only that any leaking propane will go straight to your bilge, causing an explosion hazard.Other than taking photos, hiking , climbing and Kayaking,, collecting Retro Backpacks, Lanterns, Tents, Ice Axes and really anything to do with the outdoors is a fun ( though sometimes expense) hobby. Am looking for both RR carabiners and the original Galibier shoe if anyone has either please let me know. I havent found a CODE or Model Number for this tent. Just picked up a 1965 Gerry Yearound Two Man tent in mint condition. I also still beat all my buddies when we boil water at a way point for coffee or soup etc, using my 30 year old Svea 123. My favorite tent is still in my pack, green alpine Very nice.These are a few of my treasures of the outdoors of yesteryear. Can email me at [email protected] Robbins Want to see that Kamplite really blow others away? These were designed for a mantle about twice as big as a Coleman #21. Helly hansen first addition 3 layer yellow gortex parka and bibs I still use (no delamination yet, I just DWR) Mouse Products , Bristlecone sl bags, When twinpeaks made sd and northface sl bags? It also Has Sir Edmund Hillary's name on ( on the tag sewn to the tent) I want to assemble this tent. My son and I will use it this year as we backpack the Pennine Way in Northumberland, England. Also, I am the original owner of a Hank Roberts Mini Mark III Lantern/Stove Combo that I bought in 1982 and used only once. I still wear my Raichle Rotundos (late 70's or thereabouts).Much of it will be “classic” stuff but I make no attempt to portray a “period” of history.I live in the world as it is but I tend toward the older, often simpler, high quality goods of the past.

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