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The state gaming commission doesn’t release tournament revenue details, only money raked in from cash games.The month of October can be looked at through a glass half full, glass half empty lens.The Palestinian basic law and the 1995 Press and Publication Law provide for freedom of the press and freedom to establish media outlets, and state that there should be no censorship.

Although no official measures have been taken, West Bank authorities often treat Hamas-affiliated outlets—most prominently Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa TV—as “illegal” and thus subject to persistent harassment.Although I personally prefer non-monogamy, I opted to write this article using a monogamous perspective since that seems to be the more popular relationship paradigm.Given the frequency of cheating in monogamous relationships, it would appear that true monogamy isn’t as common as people would have each other believe.On one hand, the Nevada poker scene isn’t seeing a decline in popularity.On the other hand, there hasn’t been an increase in revenue generated over the past year.

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