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Interstate 59 (I-59) is an Interstate Highway located in the southeastern United States.

It is a north–south route that spans 445.23 miles (716.53 km) from a junction with I-10 and I-12 at Slidell, Louisiana to a junction with I-24 near Wildwood, Georgia. Approximately one-third of the route, spanning 153 miles (246 km) from Meridian, Mississippi to Birmingham, Alabama, overlaps that of the east–west I-20.

It's a liberal, feel-good quick-fix that fixes nothing." —PW "As an Asian-American who grew up in Los Angeles and went to college in the SF Bay Area, I can safely say that this problem also exists in the liberal bastion of California." —Lou "Whatever.

My kinds go to an over 90% black school that was #1 in the city last year in math and #3 in the state.

So, at about in the afternoon on October 18, Dent, age 64, made his way off the porch and to the curb along Martin Luther King Jr. Soon he could hear the first rumblings of the band.

There was a time, little more than a decade ago, when the Central High School homecoming parade brought out the city.

Excerpts from comments posted to this story: "The differences in my suburban elementary school and the first city-wide 6th grade school were stark, mainly razor wire fencing, armed police officers, drugs, weapons, cursing, disrespect for authorities, etc." —tuscaloosated "Pretending that just mixing some white kids in there will solve all these issues is stupid.A pair of Alabama Realtors have been chosen as two of the final 50 hopefuls for Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 class of 2016.Voting for the 30 Under 30 class began March 18 and will end this Friday at noon, according to The highway connects the metropolitan areas of New Orleans, Louisiana and Chattanooga, Tennessee, running closely parallel to the older U. I-59 is a four-lane freeway along its entire route, other than a short stretch extending from north of Tuscaloosa, Alabama through Birmingham, where it widens to six lanes or more.I-59 spans 11.48 miles (18.48 km) in Louisiana, the shortest distance in the four states through which it travels.

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