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You had to click on the left to choose a media library, then click in the center to choose a sub-library, then click the menu at the right to adjust how you viewed the content (by album, artist, genre, etc.).Now, there's a single menu at the left, and view options are in the sidebar.Some i Tunes users have found that a feature they depended on is missing, or has been moved; others find that the new "simplified" navigation isn't as simple as they would like.Here's a look at some of the annoyances in i Tunes 12.4, and how to get around them.

This scratch disk included your media, plus render files and a host of other work files that Final Cut needed.

Here's what the previous version of i Tunes offered to select a media library: And here's the new Media Picker: Personally, I find the new approach an improvement.

One problem I found with i Tunes 12 was that there were just too many buttons.

The biggest complaint from editors was that we needed to quit Final Cut in order to change events or projects.

NOTE: We could still “link” media, by reference, into a project except that if we moved or renamed the media or the folders containing, everything broke.

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