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Behind them is the frosty fruit of their labor - a cheeky snowman which the pair fashioned together!Check it out: I wonder if what started out as a friendly activity between Nina and Shawn - building a snowman - quickly snowballed into something more romantic...Has Nina Dobrev been sinking her teeth into the dating scene recently?Or is all this hanging out with male slebs Liam Hemsworth and Shawn Ashmore just a bit of friendly banter?“The challenge with this system is you have to stay completely still,” Ashmore says.“You have to line your nose up with the crosshair and stand there and act.TO know more about him, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia.His estimated net worth value in 2015 is 1 million US dollars, which gives you an idea of the success he has achieved already.

No, it’s not the fact that Jinks is gay and Ashmore is straight.

It is his fans, which are so much curious about his personal life that they always sneak peek about it in the media or also when he is having his private time.

Being a celebrity, it is obvious that his fans and followers are always curious about the slightest of actions in his romantic life, and sometimes it crosses the line.

He was born as one of the twin son of Rick Ashmore, an engineer and his wife Linda, on the 7th of October 1979 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

A Canadian by nationality, he has got mixed ethnicity of Scottish and Irish.

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