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The sexual contact associated with each base has evolved dramatically since I was a teenager, although "home base" or "home run" has always meant intercourse, and "first base" has always meant kissing or snogging.

To use the expression correctly, you get or make it to a base, per my comment: quotation, if I interpret it correctly, they had intravaginal sex twice and then she performed oral sex on him.

Also any above the belt touching is included in this base2nd Base - Hands below the belt.

Fingering for girls or hand jobs for the guys.3rd Base - When mouths are used below the belt. also This base includes the sex toys.4th Base or Home base/plate - Going "all the way," doing the deed, Slamming it, Fucking, Sex, intercourse, "doin it," getting friskey so on and so forth.(some people use a 5th base or a 'grand slam' to refer to anal sex while other include it in the 4th base.

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First base is equivilent to french kissing, not just kissing. Haven't you two only been dating for a few days?

” Thanks to Marco from English Pod for bringing this interesting cultural difference to my attention!

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