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The continued presence of Russian forces in Azerbaijan became problematic when Russian troops were alleged to have assisted Armenians in an attack that killed hundreds of civilians in the town of Khodzhaly, in southwestern Azerbaijan, in February 1992.

In the face of widespread demands from the political opposition in Baku, components of a 62,000-member Russian force began to withdraw from Azerbaijan almost immediately.

The news came as trilateral talks took place this week in Baku between Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the Russia-Azerbaijan relationship has "become a strategic partnership not just on paper but in reality." "It is very good to see that are ties are greatly diversified now, developing in different areas," Putin said in a Kremlin transcript of the meeting.

One is the Middle East and especially the Islamic State and Iran.

The other is Russia because of its posture in Ukraine and its increasing involvement in the Middle East. pursued during the Cold War is clearly re-emerging, this time several hundred miles east of the old line.

Multiserv Overseas raised the price by over 550 percent -- some 570 million kronor (60 million euros, million) -- which TT and Uppdrag Granskning said went directly into the pockets of "Russian businessmen previously embroiled in corruption scandals in the former Soviet Union".

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Congressman Chris Smith, Republican from New Jersey, submitted a bill on Dec. Undoubtedly at this point you are asking why we are discussing Azerbaijan and two bills that haven’t passed.

For example, while Azerbaijan maintained membership in the CIS, it assiduously avoided Russian overtures for closer security ties such as through the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

Similarly, although privately officials will stress that they support increased integration with organizations like the EU and NATO, publicly they often claim that they are satisfied with the current level of cooperation with NATO and are not interested in membership now.

Both countries are interested in Russia as an exporter of high-quality weapons, Rogozin was quoted by Tass as saying.

The Stockholm district court held Evgeny Pavlov, 37, suspected of paying bribes to win contracts in Azerbaijan, but provided no further details.

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