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It may add a sense of security to know what’s going on at home, but if you fail to change the default passwords on the system you could be broadcasting to the world.

A web developer who specializes in online security has put up a website that streams tens of thousands of home and corporate security cameras live to the web.

CBC Toronto, which first reported on the video, was unable to identify the woman in the video for comment.

Hitesh Bhardwaj, the man who recorded the video, told that news outlet that he felt compelled to capture the scene because: “This is bad, this is inappropriate and shouldn't go unnoticed”.

But in setting up the system, they fail to change the password from the default and just plug it into the internet.

Two staff members who were aware of the abuse didn’t report it. In one case, a helpless 71-year-old Toronto woman with advanced dementia was raped in her bed, allegedly by a male nurse identified months earlier by other staff at the home as someone who regularly disappeared on shift “without explanation.”A staff member discovered the male nurse in Danae Chambers’ room in the middle of the night.Chambers, a renowned portrait artist, lay sideways on her bed and the male nurse, pants dropped to his knees, stood against her bare buttocks, according to a provincial inspection report.“I trusted them to take care of her,” said Chambers’ close friend and guardian, Anna Schrofer.And in Texas, 11 of 251 sexual complaints in the 2015 fiscal year were substantiated.Wisconsin said it didn't have a single substantiated report of abuse in the last five years.

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