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He built them up and built them up – and just when everyone was really excited, he got into the middle... We'd sit in the car chatting about work and friends; it was always a sweet ending to a night out. Because of a lot of the work he's done, people only associate him with comedy and teen stuff – and I've had the same thing – but he still has a lot to show everyone.

He's a brilliant actor and I have a lot of respect for him.

I can't remember the exact event; I do remember his party trick was being able to undo girls' bras quickly.

We're in the same extended friendship group and used to all go out once a week. One time, there was this huge hip-hop circle on the dance-floor with all these big, muscly guys, and Ralf just got in with them, looking as if he was going to do some pretty good moves. We used to live quite close to each other, so he'd always give me a lift home.

It seems to have first been used by early inhabitants of Eurasia.Smith had a long TV career and many roles, but she was best known for her turn as Nana in sitcom The Royle Family.Her death comes in the same year her fellow Royle Family star Caroline Aherne died of lung cancer.Ralf Little has paid tribute to his co-star Caroline Aherne and warned her death serves as a reminder of the lack of working-class representations on television.Aherne died at her Manchester home on Saturday, she was 52 and had been ill with cancer.

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