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To find happiness with someone new it’s important you’ve come to terms with the ending of your past relationship.There are lots of great people out there, whatever your age.Boundaries are really about knowing what you will and won’t put up with.Those times where you might not have listened to your gut feeling – those are where your boundaries should be instilled.a good idea to get back out there dating because: – Your ex is dating someone (or everyone!) – You want someone to fill a gap in your life – You want to get your confidence back by proving to yourself that people can be into you or find you attractive – You have nothing else to do The secret to getting back into the dating game and enjoying it, is to not be dependent on it.The people who you meet aren't random, they match your profile!

However your heart got broken, you need to have made peace with it before successfully getting back in the game.Allow yourself time to come to terms with the end of your relationship.There’s no timeframe for how long that can take, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you ever feel you should be ‘over it’ already.You should view dating as an enhancement to your life as opposed to it consuming it.To help you stay in control, you should simulataniously take part in activities outside of dating that lend themselves to making you feel confident authentically and enable you to have fun.

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