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A bit of a lightweight on this list with a net worth of a paltry .2 billion, Caudwell sets a new standard for frugality.

He cycles 14 miles to work every day and cuts his own hair so as not to waste time at the barber, and even buys his clothes off the rack at Mark’s & Spencer’s.

It appears Walton also got his spending habits from Papa as well.

Walton drives an old Dodge Dakota when he could probably buy Dakota, North and South. Has .1 billion to play around with courtesy of tech-services giant Wipro.

Crispin was reportedly madly in love with Manisha and the couple even got engaged in 2000 but a year later Manisha broke the engagement saying that she wasn’t prepared for marriage.

Nana Patekar: After breaking-up with Crispin, Manisha walked into the arms of her Agnisakshi co-star Nana Patekar, a married man.

He is followed by pharma magnate Dilip and Azim Premji, who have a wealth of .7 billion and billion, respectively.

The three businessmen are among the 84 richest Indian billionaires, according to a report titled ' An economy for the 99 per cent' by Oxfam, an international confederation of charitable organisations. But certainly in our best daydreams, a million or so won’t cut it, and nothing except for being a billionaire will do for a life where no expense is spared for anything, anytime.However even the world’s richest folks can be frugal. It’s up to each of us to decide whether they deserve praise, scorn, or commitment to a mental hospital for the lengths they go to in order to save a buck.He graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai and later enrolled for an MBA degree at Stanford University in the US, but left the course midway to join his father’s company – Reliance.Mukesh’s started his career by assisting his father build a polyester filament yarn plant under the Indira Gandhi-government.

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