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In our time it became known because of the monument of antiquity, located near the village and called "City of the Dead".

Also, thanks to him, the village was declared a miracle of Russia in 2009.

Interlude: "Did orthodox church dogma suggest Earth was created about 4,000 B. Not only the first people, the first civilizations, the first languages, the first calendars, the first monuments, the first governments and religions, but after about 4,000 B. one can find nearly every Biblical event [thus all of Earth's history].

Unfortunately, this long-held popular paradigm has seriously warped a modern view of the ancient world by attributing post-4,000 B. dates to the oldest civilizations and world cultures on the planet.

2) John Hawks, Marina Elliott, Peter Schmid, Steven E.

Campbell, Brian Kuhn, Ashley Kruger, Steven Tucker, Alia Gurtov, Nompumelelo Hlophe, Rick Hunter, Hannah Morris, Becca Peixotto, Maropeng Ramalepa, Dirk van Rooyen, Mathabela Tsikoane, Pedro Boshoff, Paul H.

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What has surprised archaeologists was the finding of Pleistocene sites in extremely arid parts of the Pilbara, Central Australia and even as far south as the Nullarbor Plain.

In the late 1990s geneticists identified mitochondrial DNA signatures suggesting that the first humans to leave Africa may have traveled through Ethiopia to Yemen and Oman.

Scientists theorized they were beachcombers who followed the coastline.

Donegal is a large despoiled ring-cairn with seven massive stones still erect in the east. The alignment of the circle is E/W, the peaks of Sliabh Sneacht and the three Paps of Jura visible in the distance may have been used to create this imaginary line.

Image submitted by Rediana (View in gallery) Eltyubyu is an ancient Balkarian settlement located in the mountains of the Caucasus in a very picturesque place.

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