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Worse, the sushi rice was undercooked in a way that was, according to one student, “disrespectful” of her culture.

But when we talk about freedom, we are far less likely to talk about how implicit within each of our freedoms is the responsibility to extend that freedom to others. But the fact is, some people are more persecuted—and in more danger—than others.

Baldwin Wallace University: Four rapes were reported.

There were 11 arrests and 142 referrals for alcohol violations and 3 arrests and 24 referrals for drug violations.

Students at an ultra-liberal Ohio college are in an uproar over the fried chicken, sushi and Vietnamese sandwiches served in the school cafeterias, complaining the dishes are “insensitive” and “culturally inappropriate.” Gastronomically correct students at Oberlin College — alma mater of Lena Dunham — are filling the school newspaper with complaints and demanding meetings with campus dining officials and even the college president.

General Tso’s chicken was made with steamed chicken instead of fried — which is not authentically Chinese, and simply “weird,” one student bellyached in the Oberlin Review.

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