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Another option (although not free) is to go to and download Real Edge.

Just fill out simple quote request form and one of our video consultants will get back to you, fast!

To get started trading, you will need to contact an NZX market participant.

NZX market participants are accredited by NZX to advise on NZX markets. Exchange Traded Funds can offer you a simple way to gain a wide exposure to securities markets with flexibility and low fees.

Further, it offers registry services for listed and unlisted issuers in New Zealand; and various electronic administrative and compliance fund management services for New Zealand and Australian fund managers.

I noticed that the commonly use charting software like IC, doesn't really support much of the nz securities. ) So I'm looking for a software to can contain data of nzx, of course free is always the best option but I'm always willing to"invest" in those kind of stuff to help me doing the TAs thanks in advance Another option (although not free) is to go to and download Real Edge.

NZX Limited builds and operates capital, risk and commodity markets and the infrastructure required to support them.

This website is intended to provide market information, it does not include the ability to execute trades.NZDating is a full-featured FREE and anonymous dating site for hetero and gay singles and couples.Whether you're looking for friendship, a relationship or a little excitement, with NZDating YOU WILL find someone!The calculation of the free-float capitalisation excludes blocks of shares greater than 20% and blocks between 5% and 20% that are considered strategic.This part of the NZX website is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.

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