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webcam chat system, the classified files revealed by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and published by show.

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Many are comparing the invasion to George Orwell’s Big Brother, which looked in on citizens via cameras in the home, but it’s worth noting that Big Brother at least provided the cameras at no personal cost; this sort of surveillance uses cameras purchased by the victims themselves.

These feeds were captured through Yahoo infrastructure, but if Snowden has taught us anything, it’s that government hackers are neurotic completists; it is prudent to suspect that most or all major such services have been compromised as well.

The documents refer to the period of 2008 to 2010, detailing a program called Optic Nerve that was designed for dragnet surveillance.

This sort of special intelligence cooperation is a regular occurrence under the "Five Eyes" program. Obviously, when used correctly and legally, this is an important counter-terrorism tool. government still has, new legislation notwithstanding, is how to assure the proper handling of extremely personal information that is completely unrelated to any counter terrorism or criminal activity.

But when it is used as a political tool to harass or blackmail people, the consequences are different and corrosive. But the NSA and GCHQ aren't the only entities spying on webcams.

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