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Granted I went in expecting a funny stupid comedy but, it really wasn't all that funny.

It seemed to me like they put all the funny scenes into the trailers and the rest of the movie was just filler.

Anyway, as you see already from the title I found this a really good watch and entertaining little movie.I don't wax nostalgic for shows like "Leave It to Beaver" or any of those black and white TV shows where everyone is super cheery and pretend death and homosexuality don't exist.But need we go to the other extreme and portray the world as treacherous, dangerous, and continuously in conflict? Bean takes you away from your divorcing parents, your backstabbing co-worker, your bills piling up on the table, your annoying household chores, the clogged drain in the kitchen, your sister's frantic wedding plans, and all the depressing murders and robberies on the nightly news. Bean takes you away from all this for 25 glorious minutes and into his simple-yet-complicated little world where the biggest problem is learning how not to bite off more than you can chew.The comedian, 62, decided to revive the bumbling loner for the one-billion strong Chinese audience after a £5million divorce with his wife of 24 years, Sunetra in 2015.The film titled Top Funny Comedian is expected to prove extremely lucrative after Mr Bean's Holiday released in 2007 grossed more than £2.4million in China alone.

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