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Schools should be schools and not fashion shows” that’s what my Mother used to tell me when I was attending my school.At that time I had little or no knowledge of what she is actually trying to say.There is no denying the fact that current advancement in technology & Internet has solved many of our problems, it has enabled us to interact socially while dissing people who really matter in real life.It has enabled us to travel to moon and come back while making sure that we don’t care about the traffic rules.The earliest documented proof of institutionalised use of a standard academic dress dates back to 1222 when the then Archbishop of Canterbury ordered the wearing of the cappa clausa about 800 years ago.The practice of having school uniform has been adopted by other countries, and is now common in many parts of the world.According to school uniform retailer JC Penny, school uniform pants, shorts, and skirts range from about to at regular price and tops are about to .

41 percent of the students said that they felt there was less gang activity on campus since the uniform requirement had been implemented.De Mitchell and Fossey unravel the complexity of the policy issue confronting schools, parents, and students regarding what students may wear to school.In addition to a valuable review of the early research on the efficacy of school uniforms as a reform strategy, De Mitchell and Fossey provide an in-depth analysis of the evolving legal principles that must be considered in implementing school uniforms in our public schools.This introduction was important because now I would be focusing on how wrong, I and other teenagers like me were and still are about uniforms.What Critics Say People who are against uniform at school are of the opinion that uniform undermine students’ ability to think creatively & doesn’t let them express their individuality.

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