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He currently lives with two dogs, depending on successful introductions he may be able to be rehomed with another dog.Tia is a pretty girl who after an initial bark enjoyed meeting our assessor. She would prefer her new family to be around for most of the day so no all day workers please. He hasnt been for a walk for a very long time and loved it when our assessor took him out.Bella would need to live indoors, but she does love been in the garden and loves going for walks too.

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Miranda Harkens closed her eyes and let out a long sigh, the second glass of wine was taking effect, her eyes closing as she drank in the sounds of the night around her.

Angela was a long way from home, the scratching and chattering of unseen insects in the undergrowth was not one she was used to hearing in South Wandsworth.

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Bella loves her treats, the assessor advised you couldn’t asked for a more friendly but polite akita.

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