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A comprehensive treatment of this research is found in the book Personal Project Pursuit: Goals, Action and Human Flourishing. Yardley (Eds.), Self and identity: Perspectives across the life span (pp.230-245). Research with PPA continues to expand and includes psychometric explorations of the methodology, cross-cultural explorations of the content and appraisal of personal projects and studies of the links between personal project features and well-being. Personal projects and fuzzy selves: Aspects of self-identity in adolescence.

PPA was influential in stimulating research on goal pursuit in the fields of personality, social, clinical, organizational and developmental psychology.

” Full video interview for WANKBANK I’m so excited for this project, and it would be so wonderful to have some of my good friends be a part of this!

There is even a pledge option for you to come visit me on set during filming, attending the wrap party and have a private dinner or cocktail with me!

Well there is now an official Kickstarter page where you can help to fund the project, and get some really cool stuff for your support!

You can take a look at the page and a cool video about the project (including some clips of me) right !

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