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I realize some of the dating suckiness may be the fact that many of us men are just plain jerks here so women don't want to bother, but that nonetheless factors into the suckiness of the city's dating overall and has created a pot of women that think themselves beleaguered empresses. Men here would not dare hold women to just rigid standards for piffling features on women.

Then when you actually get the date (probably with someone less than you wanted, that you as the man has made a personality/looks exception for) women often can and do find the slightest trifling thing wrong with you. To top it off, when you actually get the girlfriend she might break up with you for any other minor reason ... She's being hit on 20 times a day here and can take the lateral move to someone else. Guess what, she didn't feel it as hard because standby male #2-50 are propositioning her DAILY. I'd probably be slightly less connected to my partner if I had so much interest on the side directed toward me.

I'm seen as a highly attractive, eligible male (though I do not think so, I trust the words of those I've dated whom are attractive and force their opinions into my ego) and show great respect to friends and dating partners alike. I keep my etiquette and I still have good, clean fun. As a male, this is not the place to test your new outfits or awesome haircut. Visiting other areas, such as Flagstaff--I walk down the street, hit the bars, trek across campus there, I get the quick glance and smile, and maybe a look back. Women there will come up to you, and reference earlier conversations you had, even if you'd just met. Indeed the ratio is so bad among the 18-35 (10 men to women) that women feel they have ample opportunity enough to not pay attention to dating at all, and express willingness to sink themselves into work or school for YEARS on end without touching the idea of partnering up.

I am not sure I would be so keen on the idea of wasting my 20s, back when people thought I was hot. Associated, far more men than women actually go out to clubs/bars/events, awarding such places an actualized ratio of 5:1, men. Go to some hot, local, NON-tourist places, like Insert Coin, Griffin, Drai's afterhours, etc, and count the line. NOT bearded, I've even heard, from a woman that likes hairy dudes.

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