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Laure Ferrari, who is 15 years younger than the married Brexit campaigner, moved in with Mr Farage in a grand Georgian house in an upmarket area of West London last week.

She was photographed outside the property early on Friday morning, dressed in tracksuit bottoms and putting out the bins, shortly before Mr Farage left in his chauffeur-driven Land Rover.

Well, she just kept on loving and loving the hot-tub-contracted bacteria out of him in spite of his apparently total lack of interest. And Krisily left (taking Wes and his entirely Shakespearean talent levels with her), but not before dousing the lice of foolishness with the delousing shampoo of righteous truth-telling. BDD is concerned, though, as he confides to the home viewer, that this might affect him negatively in the game. "Don't hate the players, man, hate the game," says Nose-Poker, because it's the only thing he remembers from this thing about cool people that he saw on the show. Who, incidentally, would like to see you after class. She doesn't want to leave, because she wants to "see where things could go." I know where, Elizabeth! Natalie notes that she doesn't know what challenge awaits them, but she has every reason to think she will suck large amounts of elephant ears at it, because she reliably does so. On the other hand, he's got this airtight plan based on people going home in a particular way. Kovacs claims, however, that Elizabeth is "unstable" and "has a screw loose." So that seems like the basis for a healthy and happy relationship for many years into the future. Elizabeth, of course, says the kind of thing you may have thought you'd never hear again after about the tenth grade: "Jesse kissed me in front of eeeveryone! Glad she didn't needlessly go the fantasy suite! BDD now talks about how he wasn't sure whether to pick Natalie, whom he actually likes, or someone like Gwen or Nikki, who seem more likely to just do whatever he says. In a move just as anticlimactic as all the other three, BDD selects Natalie, leaving the pathetic Gwen, Nikki, and Ashley to be shuffled off the mortal boil that is . Okay, quick quiz: Which is better -- being Gwen, who is looking for love (though I'm not sure she was particularly looking for love on ), or being Elizabeth, who thinks she's in love with a guy who goes on camera and says behind her back that she's "unbalanced" and "has a screw loose," and who she has to squeal about when he's willing to ? " Because that's what's on Nikki's vanity license plate of the soul.

The other one of the Jesses who was not that one learned that a lady's desire to be touched tenderly does not extend to fingers entering noses, and he was like, "Whatever, I still think it's funny." Big Dumb Dave claimed to be "always thinking," and the Society For People Who Think Even Occasionally filed an official objection. A sassy acoustic guitar thinks there might be quite a day a-dawnin'! Anyway, Chris announces that three women are leaving THIS MORNING! Unbelievably Ancient Gwen is very sad, because she still hasn't had one of the youngsters teach her how to use a My Space and she didn't get a chance to pack her Boniva. It's somewhere south of you being in years of therapy and hopefully somewhere north of you stripping naked for money in some godforsaken ex-reality-star adult film, which I am totally convinced will one day be a thing. BDD tells us that on the one hand, three fewer people is ... To the surprise of no one, Tenley is upset because her "romance" with Kiptyn could abruptly halt if she's sent home. " and she says it just like this entire thing just got stupid NOW. What do you have if you don't have your impeccable integrity, mega-franchise? Natalie brags that she knew all along that it was about relationships. You can just imagine Gwen driving away like, "Well, at least I'm not a miserable self-loathing anything-for-a-man nitwit like Elizabeth anymore." Which of these women, after all, is better off? After a commercial, the lucky four couples return to the House Of Ill Repeeew, where everyone tries to think of something to say that will make it seem like they at least kind of care about these people who just left.

The sound editors make it sound like she’s unsheathing a broadsword. Not even the use of “Saradise” can make me abandon Team Sarah Herron.

Michelle does Sarah’s hair for the date and acts like it’s just torture, but she finds it in herself to rise above her heartache and make Sarah’s hair look amazing. If this doesn’t work out with Robert, Sarah should be the next bachelorette.

What we’re left with is “Bachelor Pad,” a tasteless and classless version of a show that was never particularly tasteful or classy to begin with --in other words, a ‘Jersey Shore’-caliber guilty pleasure. I hate myself for knowing them and hating them and not changing the channel.

An extended opening montage features a lot of horribly annoying people being horribly annoying, and the guilty part of guilty pleasure kicks in. Eventually, I push past the shame and the pre-game highlights reel is over.

No one needs to be there for the “right reasons.” No one needs to be single, honest, sane, or anything but the beautiful disasters that they are. We meet the cast of Bachelor/Bachelorette rejects who were good enough television to secure a bed in the ‘Bachelor Pad.' Everyone is positively giddy over the level of hotness in the house when Chris Harrison shows up to explain the rules of this experiment in legalized prostitution. Since this is a bit more complicated than his usual hosting gig, Chris brings in co-host Melissa Rycroft-Strickland (the winner on Jason’s season who was dumped on ‘After the Final Rose’ and made it to the finals on ‘Dancing with the Stars’) to handle the humiliating things like leading a supersize game of Twister.

That's a waste of young, frisky, fame-hungry reality TV talent, don't you think?

After 20 seasons, “The Bachelor” franchise decided to do away with the flimsy pretense that it has anything to do with love, marriage, or common decency.

*There’s really no reason to keep calling him Craig M since there’s no other Craig on the show and he’s not a character in the Archie comics.

, then spent hours individually emailing PDFs to anyone who requested them.

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