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For some Black women, a man must be Black; first, foremost and always.At the end of a "The Nightly Show" segment, Larry Wilmore asked Jacque Reid a 'Keeping It 100' question that I have since adopted and asked of other Black women to see what motivates us when we think about our relationships.

Session Description: Getting booked as an expert on TV or radio isn't easy, but it can be done.This session will take you behind the scenes of the business, show you how decisions are made and tell you the what you need to know to get booked!Jacque Reid is a long time tv and radio journalist who receives hundreds of story pitches a year.Your choices are: A: Black man who is unattractive but you and he have a lot in common and can have conversations.B: White man who is very attractive, but lacks intelligence and you don't have anything in common.

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