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They make you start out by slowly learning to read each note on the piano before ever letting you play a song. Within the first few minutes I'll explain the approach and then begin the training process.

Students who come to me from other teachers in the very first lesson typically feel two things, in succession.

As Sharon Kaye on Facebook says, "I pray in the name of Jesus this evil hateful devil is caught.”Investigators say that the woman in the video beating the 94-year-old woman is her home health care worker Brenda Floyd, who is now arrested with abuse of an elderly person.

According to investigators, the family of the victim, Dorothy Bratten even bought a car for Floyd, but were alarmed when they say bruises on her body.

If you’re having a rough day, fire up this gem and watch a small posse of adorable sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium swim around on their backs and hold hands with each other.

As if that weren't enough, they have cams for penguins, belugas, and jelly fish too.

You can watch live as couples tie the knot in a beautifully tacky ceremony officiated by a tried and true King impersonator.

Unfortunately there’s no way to watch the subsequent annulment.

Have I come up with some brand new, innovative and powerful method of teaching piano lessons? The lessons can be for kids, adults, beginning level, or advanced.That's when they set up a webcam in the living room to potentially catch the abuse.The victim couldn't speak for herself, so family member So how do you know if the person you're hiring to care for your parents or grandparents is trustworthy?Piano Lessons should get you playing the music YOU want to play, and do that as soon as possible.Quite honestly, whether you want to learn to read music, or play by ear, or both, there are easier, faster ways to learn than are typically taught.

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