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The animals, known collectively as megafauna, were wiped out over the last 80,000 years. To work out how that happened, researchers ran a statistical analysis that looked at all the possible times that they could have become extinct, and set that against the times that humans arrived in various places.Zell gives himself a mission of finding a boyfriend before the end of the semester in 16 weeks time. Stuck in his hometown, going to the local college, living with his parents… He spends most of his time alone reading his favorite author, Surfer Fox, who writes stories about love and romance, but mostly off the wall tales of juicy hot gay sex. Each day you use your journal/diary to plan out what you will be doing for that day.A surprise call from his childhood friend Roger leads to an invite into another town, a different college, and another chance at what he wants most: a boyfriend. Will he find what he’s looking for, or further lose himself into the fantasy world crafted by Surfer Fox? During certain times in the day you can participate in an activity that raises your stats, like gym or class.They also compared that with reconstructions of the climate during those times.“As far as we are concerned, this research is the nail in the coffin of this 50-year debate — humans were the dominant cause of the extinction of megafauna,” said Lewis Bartlett, from the University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation, which ran the study.“What we don’t know is what it was about these early settlers that caused this demise.“Were they killing them for food, was it early use of fire or were they driven out of their habitats?

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