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“You've got another five seconds,” he told Johnny Rotten and company. Though the band started out as an elaborate Situationist-inspired performance art piece dreamed up by megalomaniac manager Malcolm Mc Laren, they evolved beyond just being a stunt.

Their music was loud, aggressive and gleefully nihilist with lines like “And I wanna be anarchist, I get pissed, destroy!

But before I arrived, I got a phone call from a soft-spoken, super-articulate young man, Joshua Gravens, who is a Soros Justice Scholar based in Dallas.

His specialty is the injustice of the sex offender registry and the fact that it isn't making kids any safer (see and this article). His sister told their mom, Josh said it was true (he was too embarrassed at the time to mention that he himself had been raped as a young boy by three local high school kids), and their mom called a counseling service for advice.

“They killed Kennedy here and everybody has warned us that the people are crazy.I work with a variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, mood swings, addiction, grief, and trauma.""I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (TX# 69871), School Counselor and dance instructor. We have therapists and other health professions on staff to build a totally collaborative therapy model catered to each clients individual needs and desires.I provide individual, couple, family and group counseling with these guiding principles: Changing what we do is key to changing how we feel and to getting what we want. Clients can take advantage of one or all of the offerings HMB brings to the table so that they may cater their healing as desired.” “Yes.” “You are under arrest for not alerting the authorities to your new address.” He whipped out handcuffs.“Put your hands behind your back.” to move seven days before the move, too.” “I think you're mistaken,” said Josh, as pleasantly as if discussing the weather.

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    Of course, it wasn’t only until very recently that I decided to recover a bricked Linksys by loading it up with the DD-WRT firmware.

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