Fighting makes a relationship stronger dating

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Following that logic, it is safe to say that having too much of lovers’ fights puts your relationship at risk of breaking apart.

The question then is this; when do these fights become too much, and at what point should one become worried or scared that their relationship will fail due to irreconcilable differences?

If, on the other hand, the subject is really important to the overall well-being of the family or the relationship, then you must decide how to best approach the subject to avoid hurting your partner or damaging your relationship.

It may not be worthwhile to have an argument if your partner These are only a few examples. The purpose of naming these things is to realize that there are instances that justify an argument, while others don’t.

Change, like love, is rarely linear or clear cut, and it is almost always messy.

Every relationship is made up of different people who have different ways of relating with each other.

So then how could I possibly write a book exploring truths about relationships that we can apply to everyone? Love is messy—messier than that Hollywood stuff, messier than wicked-stepmothers and Prince Charming and sleeping spells. One of the most concerning things I hear from couples is when one partner tells me that they never fight, while the other partner has a laundry list of resentments and feelings that they’ve never brought to the table.

There are very few universal rules or facts about relationships, but just like determining a personality type, there are a few commonalities that seem to hold true. ”—as though there’s a magic formula to making things work. Intimacy, connecting with another person, and deep, meaningful relationships take work. There’s sweat and tears and all sorts of bodily fluids and it can get dirty.

Unfortunately, however, the most common arguments are those that provoke more conflict in the relationship, are not at all “healthy” and are characterized primarily by irrational discussions that don’t lead to any solutions.

Before entering into any argument, though sometimes our impulses don’t allow us to think clearly at that moment, the ideal thing would be to ask yourself: Is this really worth arguing about?

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