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Emma (Anne Bancroft) stays with the company and eventually becomes a prima ballerina and well-known figure in the ballet community.While the company is on tour and performs a show in Oklahoma City, Dee Dee and the family go to see the show, and then have an after-party for the company at her home.Dee Dee (Shirley Mac Laine) left the ballet company after becoming pregnant by Wayne (Tom Skerritt), another dancer in the company.

At the party, Dee Dee's aspiring dancer/daughter, Emilia (Leslie Browne), who is also Emma's goddaughter, is invited to take class with the company the following day.At best, the only difference is a rather heavy-handed Aesop.At worst, narrative is put aside so that an Author Filibuster can be conducted.May also occur when a character is accused of being used just to show a particular point of view, and not because they actually have it.The technical literary term for a character —here at TV Tropes the preferred term is Author Avatar.

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