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They say their canned foods have no corn or soy and no fillers or artificial flavors.Their foods range from traditional foods with grains, to grain free, and limited ingredient diets.Next, toss whatever training tool you're using onto the floor and give a command such as, "Go pick up your toy." The exact verbiage doesn't matter—what matters is that it's always said the same way.

This tiny tot, Sierra, with some help from an adult, challenges her huge Newfoundland to find her while she hides with a treat.

He is suspicious of strangers, so much so that he might not let people you approve of into the home.

From high profile office buildings to shady street corners scammers are everywhere.

Once he's dropped the toy in the bucket, immediately give him a treat.

"Then the dog will understand; 'When I drop it in the bucket I get a reward,'" she says.

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