Does boyfriend want to keep dating

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They had hit it off immediately when they first met. So the notion that he wanted to see and date other girls, couldn’t be true, she thought. But there he stood before her, with this silly, stupid looking expression on his face. All those little comments he recently started making about guys and girls should be free to date whoever they want, came into focus.Those off the wall opinions that Kendra now remembered those times when her boyfriend said these things. So after she gave him several minutes to offer up his feeble explanation as to why this was such a “Sure, you are free to see other women and date the ones you think you like.Below is a list of some of the red flags I've discovered. Some of these items might not be deal-breakers for you; if the issue is okay with you, then there is no problem. See if you can identify personally with any of these red flags. The person comes on strong at the beginning of the relationship, and tells you exactly what you want to hear. Narcissists can be very intense in their pursuit, and many of them have learned exactly what to say to pull you in, such as, "I've never felt as connected with anyone else as I feel with you," or "You are the most amazing person I've ever met.I can see that no one has ever really seen you." For many narcissists, the pursuit is everything and once they have you hooked, they are either off to another pursuit, or they become more and more demanding of you. The person becomes angry, critical or withdrawn if you say no. Narcissists need constant attention and often become very upset and punishing if you don't give them what they want. The person becomes logical and tries to talk you out of your feelings or your experience.He or she tries to make you feel that you are wrong for your feelings or your position.This is another narcissistic trait: the belief that only his or her feelings and opinions are valid, and that differences pose a threat. The person talks on and on about himself or herself and doesn't ask much about you, or is uninterested when you do talk about yourself. This person is not interested in you or your feelings.If a guy doesn’t text you or return your call for a few hours, or even a whole workday, it doesn’t mean he fell out of love with you.

She felt certain that her boyfriend really didn’t mean what he said. He had struggled in other relationships where the women in his life were too clingy and demanding. She was independent and confident in herself and what she wanted in life.

Before, it just came off as little innocent comments made in such a way that they hardly sounded disagreeable. Her boyfriend was actually a bit of a relationship schemer, so it seemed. And for that matter you can have sex with them and travel to far away places.

You can dance all night and walk every beach in the world.

I can only imagine what some of my other women clients would say to a guy that wanted to run off and party it up with some other girls. I literally can see angry women coming out of the woodwork to crucify their boyfriends if they ever proposed such an arrangement. You have my permission to carry on with your stupidity. Perhaps if your are lucky, you won’t come down with any diseases. ”So you really want to meet up and connect with some new women. As soon as you get your new little girlfriend, I am going to rain on your party.

For example, I could hear them saying:“So BOYFRIEND, you want to keep dating me? She is going to know all about your history and what an idiot your truly are. Yes, I think I will be seeing and dating other men because we are FINISHED! And if you are in such a situation, I would imagine such thoughts would be on the very tip of your tongue.

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